Since inception, Davchem East Africa Ltd has done projects across the greater East Africa region including South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Davchem works with individual customers to meet their water treatment and testing needs. Our products are sourced from our international partners and are of high quality and are reliable, effective and affordable. We also do local assembly of water systems including reverse osmosis, UF systems, water bottling plants etc. All our products come with a warranty. Davchem abides to different international standards and is a member of Water Quality Association-USA, International Water Association-UK and American Water Works Association.

In addition to selling the products, we sell parts and water treatment consumables including filters, filter media including sand, carbon and resin, Water treatment chemicals including RO antiscalant , UV replacement bulbs etc. We also give after sales service.

At Davchem, we pride ourselves as the water treatment people. We offer everything water treatment and treat all our customers as partners giving them the best value both in products and services.

Our vision is ……. Changing lives through water treatment …….

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