Water Shop Business Machines and Solutions

Water Bottling, vending &

Now you can start your own bottled water business

Through My-WATER SHOP, we work with interested entrepreneurs to help them establish water shops and bottled water business across the country and the region. The package includes;

  1. Consultation services covering;
    • Water sourcing and water quality
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Marketing and brand positioning
    • Quality control
  2. Supply of water treatment equipment
  3. Training on the business
  4. Service and maintenance of systems
  5. Marketing and promotional services
  6. Operational and quality control processes

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We provide both manual and automatic systems capable of producing 0.5l to 20lts for both large and small scale / start-up businesses.

Our systems are very reliable and have been designed to work with water from any source (borehole, municipal, sea etc) to giving purified water that meets both local and international standards.

We have 3 business models under which entrepreneurs can work withMy-WATER SHOP;

SIMBA – under this model, the customer buys and fully owns the equipment and packs water under their brand. We provide the client with the training and necessary support but the client assumes all the risks and benefits of the business.

This model is ideal for those who wish to venture into water bottling business on a full time scale basis.

MAMBA – under this model, the customer provides space in their existing business where we install the machine. We also provide manpower and all necessary materials to run the business. The water produced is packaged under our brand name (AquaBEST). The customer can either charge sub-letting fees for the space occupied or share revenue generated from the business at a pre-agreed rate. In this model, the client does not make any financial investment apart from availing the space and necessary support required to run the business.

This model is ideal for business owners who want to enjoy the benefit of having a water shop in their business without necessarily making the capital investment and taking the risks for the business. The owner assumes no risks to the business. This model is ideal for supermarkets, shops, restaurants, petrol stations, butcheries etc that have space and want to diversify their product portfolio without tying their capital

MBUNI – This is a leasing/franchising model. In this case, the customer leases the equipment from us and produces and sells the water with our brand. The customer pays a pre-agreed leasing/franchising fees to us  for using our equipment and/or brand. Davchem provides all the necessary branding, marketing and promotional materials. The client handles all the management and administration issues of the business.

This model is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to co-share the benefits and the risks of the business while at the same time safeguarding the capital investment

Come and talk to us and we will help you select the best model that best suite your need